Industrial Cyber: Build Resilience Across Critical Infrastructure Sectors

As reported by Industrial Cyber, “amid escalating cyber threats and attacks from determined adversaries, critical infrastructure organizations grapple with the imperative to avert disruptions and fortify their systems to withstand intentional cyber compromise, exploitation, and abuse. The Cyber-Informed Engineering (CIE) and Consequence-driven Cyber-informed Engineering (CCE) methodologies, initially developed by the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) for the energy sector, can be adapted to enhance cyber resilience in other critical infrastructure domains.”

“At their core, both CIE and CCE strive to promote the adoption of an ‘engineering first’ mindset, in which security concepts are introduced early in the design phase,” Sarah Freeman, chief engineer for intelligence, modeling and simulation at MITRE’s Cyber Infrastructure Protection Innovation Center, told Industrial Cyber. “By considering security as a core requirement of these engineered systems rather than an add-on feature, the technology and systems themselves become more resilient to cyber-attacks.”

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