ITSPmagazine: Becoming a Dark Knight: Adversary Emulations 

In Chats on the Road to Black Hat USA 2023 on the ITSPmagazine Podcast Network, hosts Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli talk to MITRE's Cat Self, group leader and principal adversary emulation engineer, and Kate LaRue Esprit, senior cyber threat intelligence analyst, about the world of adversary emulation and how it can improve an organization’s cybersecurity.

They explain how MITRE ATT&CK®, a framework based on observations from blue team and red team engagements, led to the development of ATT&CK evaluations, which aim to raise the standard of the industry and provide transparency. Learn why the need for transparency in adversary emulation is so important and how MITRE releases their methodology, results, and code to make the practice more accessible.

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