Air Force Cadet 2nd Class Eric Hembling uses a Ludwieg Tube to measure the pressures, temperatures and flow field of various basic geometric and hypersonic research vehicles

Keoki Jackson Discusses DoD Innovation in New Podcast

“Are we achieving the warfighting outcomes that are needed,” Keoki Jackson, senior vice president and general manager, MITRE National Security, asks in a podcast interview by Vago Muradian of Defense and Aerospace Report, as they discuss bringing technology innovations into the Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition process.

Jackson noted that industry is extremely good at solving problems and creating innovation. But work needs to be done on defining exactly which problems the DoD needs solving. “From a mission perspective, what is the effect or impact you’re trying to create,” he added.

For example, the rise of “hypersonics is less of an importance in technology as it is a domain of flight. The U.S. has led in the technologies that support in flight. More important is what’s the next great thing we need to focus on,” said Jackson.

“What does is take to bring technologies together rapidly and be in a continuous design, build, and test cycle” when it comes to national defense innovation?

Hear Jackson's answers on Defense and Aerospace Report.