National Defense Magazine: Algorithmic Warfare

Will the U.S. be ready to withstand potential Chinese, or Russian cyberattacks on critical infrastructure? That’s the question National Defense Magazine examines with input from Mark Bristow, director of MITRE’s Cyber Infrastructure Protection Innovation Center.

The nation's “peer and near-peer adversaries … have capabilities against our critical infrastructure,” Bristow says. “And not only do they have capabilities against our critical infrastructure, but those capabilities are now part of their doctrine for combined arms.”

Adversaries attacking critical infrastructure in different ways “requires us to look for new ways to partner,” he continues. The U.S. military doesn’t “own and operate this critical infrastructure,” but “we have to figure out ways that we can help secure it in ways that won’t have that impact on the political calculus and the people.”

While we look to partner with government and industry on how to best secure critical infrastructure, we're helping organizations identify and prioritize mitigations with our infrastructure susceptibility analysis and assessments. These assessments determine how adversaries compromise infrastructure and what is needed to stop them.

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