Drone launch in front of a helicopter

SOFREP: CARPE Dronvm: Revolutionizing Drone Defense with Smartphone Technology

SOFREP wrote that MITRE’s “groundbreaking smartphone app-controlled counter-drone solution, CARPE Dronvm, transforms soldiers into first-line defenders, equipping them with the means to swiftly report and thwart aerial threats.”

During a recent trial at McEntire Joint National Guard Base as reported by several military publications, including SOFREP, “CARPE Dronvm demonstrated its effectiveness at the soldier level, covering a 50-kilometer area with multiple users, exceeding expectations. It proved its functionality and simplicity of use. The results were impressive, as the app’s drone detection abilities proved highly effective. U.S. Army Task Force 39 Operations Officer, Maj. Travis Valley lauded the potential of CARPE Dronvm as a force protection multiplier, providing an additional tool to safeguard soldiers in a deployed environment.”

“Carpe Dronvm has the potential to provide real time, crowd-sourced data about small, unmanned aerial systems to military decisions makers around the globe,” Valley said, adding that the use of the counter-drone app “can increase our detection capabilities and our ability to protect service members on the future battlefield.”

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