WashingtonExec: MITRE’s Cedric Sims on Driving AI Adoption in the Enterprise

Cedric Sims, MITRE’s senior vice president for enterprise innovation and integration, spoke recently with WashingtonExec about his efforts to drive the adoption of new generative artificial intelligence tools in the MITRE enterprise.

In a video interview, Sims discussed forming a partnership with Microsoft to begin using GPT-4 through a tool called MITRE ChatGPT. This has enabled MITRE to protect sensitive data while enabling staff “to see how it could really begin to alter our ways that we work and support our sponsors,” he said.

Early experimentation with new tools like ChatGPT is critical, Sims says.

“If you don’t step into the unknown, you’re really not going to be able to push innovation – and the nation needs innovation at a scale that we’ve never experienced before,” Sims said. 

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