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COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition Forms to Support the U.S. Healthcare System and Help Protect U.S. Populations

Healthcare organizations, tech, and non-profits collaborate to enable rapid deployment of secure, ethical, innovative, open source solutions for the benefit of all.

MCLEAN, VA, and BEDFORD, MA, March 23, 2020—Private sector organizations have formed the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition, a collaborative industry response to the novel coronavirus. Its mission is to help save lives by providing real-time insights to aid healthcare delivery and help protect U.S. populations. Each coalition member is bringing its unique assets, sharing resources and plans, and working together to support those on the front lines in responding to COVID-19.

Mayo Clinic, Leavitt Partners, and several Massachusetts Institute of Technology faculty leaders were among the first to coalesce around this effort. These leaders asked MITRE to help coordinate the private sector response and serve as an independent party to facilitate communication, aggregate de-identified data—from clinical insights to resource requirements like beds and ventilators—and coordinate the response across a range of organizations. Coalition members include Amazon Web Services (AWS),, athenahealth, Buoy Health, CommonWell Health Alliance, Epic, HCA Healthcare, Intermountain Healthcare, LabCorp, Leavitt Partners, MassChallenge, Mayo Clinic, Microsoft, MITRE, nference, Rush University System for Health, Salesforce, and the University of California Healthcare System.The nation’s leading experts on pandemics at the strategic, clinical, and operational level are also engaged.  

“Applying real-time data analytics and best practice guidance to a pandemic can flatten the curve of infection and change its course, as seen with Ebola and H1N1,” said Dr. Jay Schnitzer, MITRE’s chief technology and medical officer. “The business and research communities have mobilized to address COVID-19 and give this data analysis to the healthcare system leaders and public health officials to make evidence-based decisions that can save lives.”

"The power of convening enables collaboration in ways that ensure the whole is greater than the sum of their parts," said Dr. John Halamka, president of Mayo Clinic Platform. "In the past 24 hours I've seen the best of humanity coming from the coalition."

The coalition guiding principles are:

  1. Everyone participates for the benefit of the country only—no preferential advantage to any one organization.
  2. Everyone cooperates and openly shares their plans.
  3. Nobody will get paid for coalition work—without exception. Everyone brings their own resources—no money is exchanged.
  4. Verbal agreements will suffice to get us started.
  5. Agree to these terms and conditions and you are in.

The global expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic poses complex challenges and requires speed, along with bold and vigilant action responsive to this dynamic situation. This private sector coalition represents a vast resource of data, expertise, capabilities, and insights and will complement federal, state, and local government actions, securely and in compliance with applicable laws and guidelines.

About COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition

The COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition is a collaborative private sector response to novel coronavirus. Our mission is to help save lives by providing real-time learning to support healthcare delivery and protect populations. We’re bringing together the best, brightest minds, assets, and insights from across private industry to coordinate a response. We’re sharing resources, sharing plans, and working together.