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Independent Coronavirus Commission for Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes Launches Additional Public Input Option

Commission expands public input options to inform its comprehensive assessment of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

McLean, VA, and Bedford, MA, July 10, 2020—MITRE announced the launch of a website-based public input option for organizations and members of the public interested in helping to inform the Coronavirus Commission for Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes (“commission”).

Input may be submitted via the commission’s website, until 5pm EDT, Friday, July 17, 2020, to allow the commission enough time to review and consider in its work.

The commission welcomes public input on its objectives:

  • Identify best practices for facilities to enable rapid and effective identification and mitigation of transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in nursing homes.
  • Recommend best practices as exemplars of rigorous infection control practices and facility resiliency that can serve as a framework for enhanced oversight and quality monitoring activities.
  • Endeavor to identify best practices for improved care delivery and responsiveness to the needs of all nursing home residents in preparation for, during, and following an emergency.
  • Leverage new sources of data to improve existing infection control policies and enable coordination across federal surveyors, contractors, and state and local entities to mitigate coronavirus infection and future emergencies.

Please be advised: This public input option is not intended for direct care concerns. Please contact the facility administrator, state ombudsman’s office, and state department of inspections and appeals for support.


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Editor’s Note

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the formation of the Coronavirus Commission for Safety and Quality in Nursing Homes on May 14. MITRE is managing the commission, facilitating its activities and will independently author and deliver a report on the commission’s findings and recommendations to CMS on September 1.

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