MITRE Announces Strategic Partnership with Atlantic Council to Enhance Transatlantic Security

Collaboration on an analysis of NATO’s force mix options to offer recommendations for defending the eastern flank. 

McLean, Va. & Bedford, Mass., July 8, 2024 — With a shared commitment to safeguard the transatlantic community, MITRE announced a new partnership with the Atlantic Council. Together, the two organizations are developing research and events that foster understanding of the current threat environment and new approaches to some of the world’s toughest security and civil challenges.

“Only by connecting the right people and ideas at the right time across industry, government, and academia can we as a society advance global safety and stability,” said Keoki Jackson, senior vice president, general manager, MITRE National Security. “Drawing on MITRE’s technical prowess and the Atlantic Council’s strategic insight, this powerful combination connects some of the best minds in global security to support NATO and grow our transatlantic partnership.”

MITRE and the Atlantic Council are developing collaborative research for a NATO Force Mix Analysis, evaluating ways to harden NATO’s eastern flank, measure the value of multidomain operations, and deter Russian aggression. The technical analysis is being conducted within the context of NATO’s strategic and geopolitical environment. MITRE and the Atlantic Council are holding a series of roundtable discussions with top defense and policy experts, as well as members of the international community, to gather input and insights that will guide recommendations in the force mix analysis. Strategic-level recommendations will be released this fall.

Over the past several months, as part of its Road to Washington programming for NATO's historic 75th Anniversary Summit, the Atlantic Council has convened high-level events and published analyses that advance concrete policy solutions to key challenges facing the NATO Alliance. MITRE will host a panel discussion on July 12th on the complexities of coalition air and missile defense, with speakers to include representatives from the Atlantic Council, Center for Strategic and International Studies, MITRE, NATO, and the U.S. Navy.

The partnership will leverage the Atlantic Council’s incisive analysis and close relationships with global leaders alongside MITRE’s deep operational experience, technical expertise, and systems thinking. 

“By working together, the Atlantic Council and MITRE can provide the innovative solutions needed to navigate the complex geopolitical landscape of the 21st century,” said Atlantic Council Vice President and Senior Director of the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security Matthew Kroenig. “Together, we can shape policies and strategies that ensure a free, secure, and prosperous world.” 


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