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MITRE Caldera Releases New User Interface for Adversarial Emulation of Cyberattacks

The open-source emulation tool with plug-ins for artificial intelligence and operational technology helps cyber defenders better assess their systems.

McLean, Va., and Bedford, Mass., February 14, 2024 – With new cyber threats appearing across the cyber landscape, cyber defenders need to actively access their networks to find and fix problems. With MITRE ATT&CK®—an open-source knowledge base of adversary techniques—as its backbone, MITRE Caldera™ allows cyber defenders to attack and test their own computer networks and systems at the same level as real-world hackers and cyberattacks. Today, Caldera launched its latest version, which delivers a new user interface to enhance current live operation views of its adversarial emulations. The new version also lays the groundwork for future capabilities simulating threats using artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomy. 

Caldera automates adversary emulation operations and security assessments, opening the door to adversary emulation to less-resourced organizations and saving even well-resourced organizations time and money. With the new user interface, defenders get a graphic dashboard view of the emulation as it’s happening, making it even easier to implement in red-, blue-, and purple-teaming exercises.

“As an open-source tool, MITRE Caldera allows organizations of any size to see the benefits of adversary emulation,” said Wen Masters, Ph.D., vice president, cyber technologies, MITRE. “The best defenders must not only continually expand their playbooks as new cyber threats develop, but also practice those plays so that their team is ready when a real-world attack occurs.”

In the past year, MITRE Caldera has expanded beyond enterprise networks and released plug-ins to enable emulations of attacks seen in operational technology (OT) and AI/machine learning (ML) systems. With the new user interface, users of those plug-ins will also see improved ease-of-use and visibility.

The latest update of Caldera with its new user interface was enabled by the charitable donations of Caldera’s private industry benefactors, CoalFire and NVISO. To become a benefactor, visit the Caldera Benefactors webpage or e-mail To learn more about MITRE Caldera, visit


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