After the Divorce: How the Pentagon Can Position Itself for Speed, Agility, and Innovation in the New Era of Acquisitions

By Peter Modigliani

In the new era, OSD’s role is now focused on enabling acquisition practitioners to deliver better solutions faster. They enable portfolios to exploit leading technologies, cross the valley of death, and deliver an integrated suite of capabilities.

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In 2016, Congress broke up the Pentagon’s Acquisition Technology, and Logistics oversight bureaucracy among a series of transformational reforms. Paired with a new National Defense Strategy, the focus for the coming decade enables speed, agility, and innovation. The new Research and Engineering organization is focused on exploiting the leading technology for military superiority.

The new acquisition and sustainment organization seeks to boost acquisition practitioners' ability to develop better solutions, faster. To achieve success, they need to work with Joint Staff and the Services to align and empower a set of portfolios and deliver an integrated suite of capabilities.