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Cloud Safe Task Force: Recommendation Roadmap

By David Powner , Katy Warren , Dr. Mari Spina , John Weiler , John Yeoh , Tom Suder

A summary of the Cloud Safe Task Force's inaugural event. The group's objective is to improve the security of government cloud environments by understanding current challenges and exploring recommendations for policymakers, industry, and agencies.

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The Cloud Safe Task Force—consisting of four nonprofit corporations: MITRE, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC), and the IT Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC)— was established to improve the security of government cloud environments. 

This paper summarizes the group's inaugural December 2023 event, highlighting the reasons behind forming the Task Force; current challenges to securing government cloud solutions; and a roadmap for policymakers, industry, and agencies for improving cloud security.

Without a collaborative approach to tackling cloud security improvements, our nation will continue to face significant attacks and place unnecessary risk on our national security and critical government missions. The Task Force created a roadmap for Congress, the White House, federal agencies, and industry.

1o Recommendations for Secure Cloud Adoption Congress 1.	Introduce secure cloud adoption legislation 2.	Two implement a cyber security scorecard Executive office of the president OMB  3.	Update guidance on cloud safe  4.	Enhance cyber metrics  5.	Establish a public- private partnership to enhance information sharing Agencies  6.	Improved continuous monitoring, information sharing, certification programs, and workforce challenges  7.	Report cybersecurity scorecard/ metrics to Congress, OMB, and agency leader