Cognitive Engineering Toolkit

By Cynthia Dominguez, Ph.D. , Craig Bonaceto , Chris Johnson , Michelle Bryant , Mo Rahman , Erika Darling
A valuable resource for learning about and using cognitive engineering methods, illustrated with a use case for applying these methods in a four-part cycle of gather, analyze, design, and evaluate for the DARPA Hallmark program.

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Hallmark program has applied cognitive engineering with MITRE’s support since 2015 to improve Space Enterprise Command and Control decision support. Cognitive engineering methods can be used in DARPA and other DoD programs as a means for ensuring that new technology has mission value. This end-of-program report characterizes the "why" and "how" of cognitive engineering, with examples from the Hallmark program.

Structured as a four-part cycle of gather, analyze, design, and evaluate, the cognitive engineering toolkit methods and lessons-learned outlined in this report provide guidance on how to ensure technology innovation effectively supports human cognitive work in high consequence mission environments.