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Connecting the AUKUS Innovation Ecosystem

By Andrea McFeely , Tien Pham, Ph.D. , Rachel Giachinta , Chris Adcock , Justus Graham

"Connecting the AUKUS Innovation Ecosystem" is one installment in the "Coalition Security Series." The papers are published by MITRE’s National Security Sector to examine options that can help the U.S. more effectively work with allies and partners in competition, deterrence, and conflict.

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In order to more effectively compete and fight against emerging and persisting threats, the countries comprising the trilateral AUKUS agreement (Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) must come together to share technology and capabilities. The first pillar in the AUKUS framework is military collaboration. 

The second pillar requires collaboration on the critical technologies positioned to become advanced capabilities, including undersea capabilities, quantum technologies, artificial intelligence, advanced cyber capabilities, hypersonic capabilities, electronic warfare, innovation, and information sharing. Pillar II will only succeed if all stakeholders within the innovator ecosystem connect and work together quickly to meet critical and impending global threats.