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Considerations for NARA on the Future of Recordkeeping

By Eliot Wilczek , Krista Ferrante , Mike Fleckenstein

To continually strengthen federal recordkeeping, NARA should fortify the recordkeeping workforce, foster cross-professional collaboration, create strategies for zero-click recordkeeping, and employ AI and risk-based records review and release.

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This paper considers the National Archives and Records Administration's (NARA) role in leading the federal government to the next generation of recordkeeping. It looks at four areas of opportunity for leadership.

(1) Fostering sustainable cross-professional collaboration to address various records and information management challenges in government.

(2) Strengthening the recordkeeping workforce, including records managers, Freedom of Information Act staff, and declassification officials.

(3) Articulating a zero-click recordkeeping strategy where records management decisions are embedded in systems that support mission-based work.

(4) Enabling agencies to adopt artificial intelligence and risk-based frameworks to modernize the government’s document review and release infrastructure.