Considerations for NARA on Leading The Federal Government to Zero-Click Recordkeeping

By Eliot Wilczek , Krista Ferrante , Mike Fleckenstein , Veronica Martzahl

This paper discusses NARA’s role in leading the federal government to zero-click recordkeeping, a concept for embedding records management rules into the flow of agencies’ mission-focused work and relieving most agency staff from recordkeeping tasks.

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This paper examines the concept of zero-click recordkeeping in the federal government. In this concept, records management rules are embedded within the flow of mission-based work while reducing the recordkeeping burden of most agency staff. Zero-click recordkeeping is implemented through embedding these rules into electronic information systems where mission-focus actions trigger recordkeeping steps. The paper focuses on the role that the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) should play in leading the federal government in implementing zero-click recordkeeping concepts. This includes a set of recommendations to NARA that centers on articulating the vision of zero-click recordkeeping; steering the development and implementation of tools to execute the concept; and preparing a federal recordkeeping workforce for zero-click recordkeeping in the era of digital government.