COVID-19 Planning Dashboard and Guidance for Global Aviation Interests

By Mike Robinson , Sheng Liu , Wayne Cooper, Jr.

MITRE’s COVID-19 aviation planning dashboard concept examines the incremental value and utility of planning aids to help stakeholders make proactive, data-driven decisions, which can ultimately help save lives.

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MITRE is developing short-term forecasts and dashboards in response to COVID-19 that can assist aviation stakeholders to make proactive, data-driven decisions, and then monitor them. These focused 1-to-4-week forecasts are specific to airport and airspace operations and of potential disruptions associated with COVID-19 and air traffic demand. Short-term forecasts provide the opportunity to move quickly in developing initial decision support capabilities that will be useful. 

This paper underscores the significant value in an intuitive, global COVID-19 planning dashboard focused on integrating and disseminating total, country-by-country data and information on COVID-19 infections and risk, flight and quarantine restrictions, and high-resolution, global air traffic data and trends. With this dashboard, previously-stovepiped data can be streamlined to support quick insights and more efficient planning and collaboration for effective service delivery, balanced against public health, among stakeholders supporting the global aviation sector.