Crown Jewels Analysis for Industrial Control Systems Presentation

By Peter Kertzner , Cedric Carter

In many cases organizations may not have sufficient data or focused datasets for crown jewels analysis (CJA). There may be opportunities to leverage CJA findings to produce data-driven architectures that are mission focused.

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Motivation for Applying Crown Jewels Analysis for Industrial Control Systems (ICS):

  • Every mission, every business in every country relies on critical infrastructure (e.g., energy, water and wastewater, transportation, etc.)—they are national-level assets
  • There are functions associated with both operations and safety of critical infrastructure systems that must be resilient for sustainment
  • These functions are dependent on underlying Industrial Control Systems
  • Critical components associated with these functions need to be identified in order to safeguard them from non-kinetic threats, including cyber-attacks, and to develop and apply resiliency measures.