Envisioning a New Command & Control (C2) Architecture for All-Domain Operations

Peer threats actively contest the U.S. and its partners in every warfighting domain in an increasingly complex, lethal and hyperactive global battlespace. We must envision and pursue a next generation All-Domain C2 architecture to address this challenge.

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Achieving mass, scale, and simultaneity required for successful all-domain operations requires a new approach to command and control (C2). The future force requires the ability to find, fix, and finish large sets of adversary targets over a sizable, contested area. Today, such synchronization at speed is difficult, perhaps impossible. Significant advances in sensing and decision-making are required to achieve the information and decision advantage necessary for success. We must envision anew C2 architecture that addresses this challenge to ensure decision-makers can see, understand, and translate decisions into action faster than the adversary.

The paper summarizes key ideas to advance and modernize all-domain C2 and offers operational vignettes that help the reader explore how to achieve convergence, the ability to leverage capabilities from all domains and mission partners in time, space, and purpose using context-aware displays that improve visibility and employment of warfighting functional brokers.

The paper also describes the operational benefits of machine-to-machine loose coupling in accelerating kill chain execution and the use of an asset marketplace supporting human-machine teaming for fast and efficient decision-making. The paper seeks to showcase how to operationalize a next-generation C2 architecture for Joint All-Domain Command & Control (JADC2) with emphasis on achieving information and decision superiority.