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Intelligence After Next: Breaking News—Discovering and Sharing Current Intelligence  

By Joseph Convery , Hassan Terry , William Wang , Genevieve Whiddon

New technologies, including insight engines that use artificial intelligence and machine learning, can help current intelligence analysts speed discovery of critical time-sensitive intelligence and then share that information faster with decisionmakers. 

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Delivering time-sensitive current intelligence to an operational commander, with sufficient warning of an impending threat, has become increasingly difficult as the pace of modern warfare shortens the time in which commanders must decide their course of action.

To remain operationally relevant in crisis and on the battlefield, the Defense Intelligence Enterprise must rapidly recognize the changes, trends, and anomalies that often point toward an impending enemy action – an outcome that is increasingly difficult as advanced collection capabilities offer progressively more raw intelligence for analysts to evaluate.

To address this challenge, MITRE chartered a study known as "Breaking News." This multi-part project evaluated how technology can be applied to both speed the discovery of critical time sensitive intelligence, and then share that information faster with the decision maker. The initial "Breaking News" experiment demonstrated that an insight engine could help an analyst to discover information more rapidly from a large data set.