Investigative Solutions: Fighting Crime Digitally

By Walter Barrett

In today’s world, law enforcement continues to be the primary tool for combatting forms of crime impacting global economies and national security. More and more of this crime involves digital evidence and cyberspace, requiring law enforcement officers to continuously leverage technological advances in their investigations. As a result, law enforcement organizations are seeking long-term technical partnerships with industry to evolve their craft into the digital age and strengthen their investigative operations. At MITRE, we focus on improving and automating analytic workflows associated with cybercrime investigations to reduce resource expenditures and increase effectiveness at the enterprise level.

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Core Capabilities

We bring a variety of project experience from across the federal government space and have established a technical capacity in the following areas to bring sharper focus to today’s law enforcement challenges.

  • Investigative Analytics: Specifically catered analytics designed to establish and discover target signatures, analyze digital patterns of life, and fully enrich and trace cryptocurrency addresses. Includes the integration of industry-leading commercial applications and open-source platforms to enhance knowledge sharing.
  • Cyber Technical Intelligence: Highly customized tools and tradecraft to perform network reconnaissance, end-point analytics, and malware analysis and reverse engineering to aid in dismantling adversary infrastructures and de-anonymizing private network resources.
  • Specialized Forensics: Comprehensive inspection of artifacts associated with mobile devices, networks, and cloud systems to support evidence collection and investigation. Includes an established approach for remote triage and backhaul of various artifacts relevant for investigations.
  • Digital Data Engineering: Well-established tools and techniques for harvesting and scraping online platform data sets including the dark web, automated tools for target selector enrichment, and linked data processing and indexing for visualization, discovery, and full text search.
  • Technical Tradecraft Services: Methods for establishing an online presence while maintaining privacy for research and analysis on the dark web and other online forums. We continue to evolve our tradecraft to meet the changing tactics of bulletproof hosters and other criminals who are building enabling technology for the darknet and privacy markets to evade law enforcement.
  • Tactical Surveillance: Leveraging industry-developed algorithms that can automatically detect and capture descriptive information about objects in video scenes,such as people or vehicles, we’re working to integrate those objects seamlessly into open-source geospatial platforms to aid in multi-camera situational awareness, movement tracking, and forensic analysis. Additionally, we integrate location based mobile datasets with advanced activity algorithms to for pattern of life analysis.