Level-Up Your Market Research Game: Strategies and Hacks You’ll Want to Use

By Justin Raines , Kelly Horinek , Ryan Novak , Adam Bouffard

Active, engaging market research is a best practice for good reason – it works! This guidebook will help you do it. It includes 15 Market Research Techniques that are simply described and visualized for your immediate usage.

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This Guidebook of Market Research Strategies and Hacks is designed for you, the acquisition professional, to up your game! Whether you are a program manager, contracting officer, engineer, user, stakeholder, contracting officer’s representative, legal advisor, or subject matter expert, you can—and should—use this guidebook—because you are involved in the acquisition process, and you have a hand in your mission’s success.

Learn from your vendors, and let your vendors learn from you—and move your mission forward. This is your market research practice; thoughtful market research powers up your acquisition. There is a lot in it for you and your program. Market research helps you better recognize what solutions and innovations might meet your requirements and how you can acquire them. Often, industry is working on advancements in the background that are not yet public. Market research identifies tripwires and risks that you may not be aware of—so you’re prepared to dodge them. Market research benefits you by tapping into vendors’ discretionary energy.

Engaged vendors provide fresh, innovative ideas that are focused on meeting your particular needs. They’re thinking about solving your requirement long before you release a solicitation—you want this! Your endgame—don’t play catch up and acquire yesterday’s technology tomorrow. Lean forward, stay current, and do the right thing for your program and your mission.

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