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The MITRE AI Maturity Model and Organizational Assessment Tool Guide

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A Path to Successful AI Adoption

The MITRE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Maturity Model (MM) and corresponding organizational Assessment Tool (AT) enable an enterprise to measure progress in AI maturity as it becomes increasingly proficient at incorporating AI technologies and best practices into its work environment. Both constructs focus attention on workforce and mission; they are underpinned by the recognition that AI is meant to be experiential for all levels of an organization. Together, they provide opportunity to chronicle advancement in AI and plan for greater adoption success and enhanced work performance.

The Six Pillars

  • Ethical, Equitable, and Responsible Use
  • Strategy and Resources
  • Organization
  • Technology Enablers
  • Data
  • Performance and Application

The MITRE AI MM is a methodology to provide guidance and recommendations for building a foundation for successful AI implementation across an organization. It comprises six pillars that are recognized as critical to successful AI adoption: Ethical, Equitable, and Responsible Use; Strategy and Resources; Organization; Technology Enablers; Data; and Performance and Application.

Each pillar has either three or four dimensions (20 total) describing specific actions and activities that demonstrate advancing mastery of AI maturity for that dimension. These pillars and dimensions are assessed across five readiness levels that qualitatively describe different approaches to AI adoption. They are juxtaposed with five assessment levels intended to describe hierarchical and scalable progress throughout AI adoption: Initial, Adopted, Defined, Managed, and Optimized. These are depicted in the figure below.

While the AI MM’s pillars and readiness levels bring structure and distinctness to the model, the 20 dimensions provide metrics by which an organization can qualitatively determine its progress in AI adoption. These dimensions provide a comprehensive framework for qualitatively guiding an organization’s evaluation and evolution of AI adoption maturity practices. Advancement to the next level is predicated on an organization’s ability to have successfully achieved the benchmarks described at the previous level. The target maturity level is a function of its mission and business practices, which influence the organization’s determination of maturity that is appropriate for its needs. Not all organizations will need or want to attain a level 5 for all pillars. The target maturity level for a pillar is a function of organizational mission, resources, and business practices, which influence the organization’s determination of maturity that is appropriate for its needs.

AI Maturity Model Overview

AI Maturity Model Overview: Pillars, Dimensions, and Assessment Levels

The corresponding AI AT gives an organization the ability to qualitatively assess AI maturity and help determine if the critical resources, processes, communication, and technology are in place for success. The AI AT consists of a series of multiple-choice questions—one for each dimension of the AI MM.

There is only one answer that can be selected for each question, and the chosen response determines the level of maturity within that dimension. When all questions are answered, the AI AT generates a score and graphical visualization of results.

Combined, both constructs provide a systematic and transformational path to success and a valuable means to guide organizations as they plan to adopt, resource, and implement a significant transformative technology.

Download the AI MM at the following link:

Download Maturity Model

To obtain a copy of the AT to further facilitate an assessment of your organization, contact us at AIMM@mitre.org