MITRE Cloud Strategy

By Rock Sabetto

Today’s cloud leader must understand how to use rapidly expanding and evolving cloud technologies to support the mission. Leaders can use this briefing to initiate the actions needed to optimize cloud investments.

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As cloud technology expands and evolves, cloud leaders must continually take action to optimize investments. This briefing summarizes current cloud trends and enumerates challenges that we have observed in MITRE sponsor engagements. The briefing presents mappings between challenges, trends, and action areas. Action areas help cloud leaders to get moving and make objective decisions and recommendations. While terms like "digital transformation" can seem like buzzwords, at the core they are usually just new labels for systems engineering fundamentals.

These fundamentals require leaders to be aware of the organizational mission, clearly understand the organization’s current technology architecture, and analyze how technology can best support the mission going forward. This briefing provides the necessary information for cloud leaders to initiate action. Please contact MITRE for additional assistance in your cloud journey.