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The Multimodal U.S. Transportation (MUST) Analytic Environment

By George Solomos

MITRE's Multimodal U.S. Transportation (MUST) Analytic Environment models U.S. transportation systems, aiding in logistics, resilience, and infrastructure planning.

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The Multimodal U.S. Transportation (MUST) Analytic Environment, developed by MITRE, is a groundbreaking solution addressing the complexities of our nation's transportation sector. 

Recognized as one of the four "lifeline" functions and a critical infrastructure sector, the transportation system's impact on our economy, security, and social prosperity is undeniable. MUST offers a comprehensive, integrated approach to understanding this complex system, combining best-in-class models and data sources to provide the most detailed description of our nation's integrated transportation system. 

This unique capability models the interdependencies of all major modes of transportation and their effects on various societal sectors. It can be used to analyze supply chain logistics, transportation network resilience, and support national security concerns. Additionally, MUST can assist in infrastructure investment planning, real-time decision making, and policy development. 

This innovative tool demonstrates MITRE's commitment to creating a safer world through public-private partnerships and federally funded R&D centers. For more information, see MITRE's Integrated Systems Innovation Center.