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Cloud Safe Task Force: National Cloud Cyber Feed Initiative

By David Powner , Katy Warren , Dr. Mari Spina , John Weiler , John Yeoh , John Bergin

The Cloud Safe Task Force recommends establishing a national cyber feed—a public-private collaborative effort between cloud service providers and government leaders for real-time cybersecurity monitoring.

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The Cloud Safe Task Force consists of four nonprofit corporations: MITRE, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC), and the IT Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC). The Task Force was established in 2023 to improve the security of government cloud environments. 

During the group's April 2024 meeting, task force members discussed the merits of creating a national cloud cyber feed initiative to deliver real-time cybersecurity monitoring. This paper summarizes the group's recommendations and outlines considerations and next steps for establishing a national cyber feed.