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A National Science and Technology Council for the 21st Century

By Duane Blackburn , Michael Garris

The U.S. is at an inflection point in how we tackle our most critical S&T issues. Implementing a 21st Century S&T strategy will require updated models for federal leadership, including an enhancement of the National Science and Technology Council.

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National leaders are seeking to remodel the nation’s overall S&T approach to better ensure the future of our national and economic security. To do this effectively, a national-level partnership will be needed: a synergy between government and non-governmental entities (NGEs)—academia, the commercial sector, contract research organizations, and federally funded research and development centers/national labs—to holistically address our nation’s most critical S&T priorities.

Better collaboration between the federal government and NGEs requires enhanced federal government coordination, setting new expectations for federal S&T programs, and creating a framework to speed delivery of new discoveries and technological advances into the hands of American consumers, enterprises, and state, local, and national leadership. One of the more influential mechanisms in meeting these new needs will be the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), whose focus and approach will need to be enhanced.