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Public-Private Collaboration: A New National Model for Advancing U.S. Global Competitiveness

Executive summary of a keynote panel discussion on enhancing S&T collaboration for national competitiveness. 

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What’s the issue? The United States must adapt its conventional approach to technology advancement to guarantee the nation’s future security and economic prosperity. A growing consensus suggests that a more collaborative and strategic approach—involving government, industry, academia, and venture communities, while still adhering to traditional U.S. values—should be developed and implemented.

What did we do? MITRE (the Center for Data-Driven Policy & MITRE Labs), with partnership from AFCEA International, hosted a September 2023 forum entitled Technology Horizons: Public-Private Collaboration for National Competitiveness to explore these trends. It brought together policy and technology leaders to discuss the development of critical technologies in the near and long terms, focusing on four key areas: artificial intelligence (AI), microelectronics, biotechnology, and telecommunications. This paper summarizes the opening keynote, which was moderated by the Center’s Duane Blackburn and included:

What did we find? Key points of discussion included:

  • SCSP’s proposal for engaging stakeholders to create an objective, apolitical, institutional hub focused on technology competitiveness.
  • The flagship programs established by NSF/TIP and their education programs.
  • Related insights gleaned from the Office of Management and Budget’s investigation into the Government Effectiveness Advanced Research Center concept.