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Partnerships to Accelerate Advancement of Priority S&T

By Duane Blackburn , Ted Sienknecht , Dan Woolley , Michael Garris

This paper identifies four opportunities in a technology’s early life cycle and how strategic collaboration at each point can significantly accelerate advancement

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What’s the issue? The United States stands at the convergence of multiple inflection points within science and technology (S&T) advancement, which provides a unique strategic opportunity. Providing additional resources and enabling specific public-private collaboration at the right time and with the right focus can rapidly accelerate S&T development and its application across a variety of use cases.

What did we do? The Center for Data-Driven Policy brought together experts from varied backgrounds (managing federal research and development programs, establishing national S&T strategies, investing as part of the venture capital community, and leading a variety of public-private partnerships) to provide guidance on how the nation can accelerate advancement of critical S&T.

What did we find? Our analysis identified four points within the normal technological evolutionary process where dedicated attention can greatly accelerate advancement and transition into application. Each point would benefit from different forms of partnerships, and we identified the value propositions required for key communities to participate in each.