A Space Information Sharing Framework

By Scott Kordella, Ph.D. , Ruth Stilwell , John Giles , Christian Zur

Information sharing between space operators is needed to ensure joint safety-of-operations. It must balance between sharing for necessary preservation of the space operating environment and protecting sensitive mission information.

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The current space operating environment relies heavily on manual activities for space situational awareness, using legacy processes that may be inadequate to accommodate the rapid growth in the satellite industry and placing unprecedented demands on the orbital environment. Information sharing among government regulators and space operators is a key requirement for successful operations, future commercial growth, and long-term sustainability.

While there are a number of activities where information is shared, space lacks effective and efficient access to shared information by the space community. The operational value of information sharing in the space domain goes beyond the question of conjunction alerting and includes spectrum interoperability, cyber protection, and air/space launch/reentry integration. Information sharing must be created to balance between the protection of information to support one’s own parochial issues, such as protection of proprietary information versus sharing for the common well-being of the operating environment.

This paper examines existing concepts and launches an activity to develop a framework for information sharing in the space community that balances user concerns and allows for safe and sustainable growth in the space domain.