Automated vehicles driving on a road near a snowy mountain range

Transportation Safety of Highly Automated Vehicles: From Design to Deployment

By Zach LaCelle

A new paradigm is needed to ensure that the safety, accessibility, and efficiency gains promised by highly automated vehicles becomes a reality. MITRE offers a position on how to leverage the opportunities these vehicles present.

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Given the new technical, deployment, and adoption challenges associated with autonomous and highly automated vehicles, a new approach to safety for these systems is needed. This paradigm must be both flexible and holistic, recognizing that some fundamental challenges remain unanswered. However, now is the time to engage proactively and effectively to provide a clear and unambiguous set of recommendations, best practices, requirements, and regulations around autonomous and automated driving systems (ADS). Now is the time for a clear safety approach, cognizant of these unique challenges, that will remove environmental and regulatory uncertainty.

In this paper, MITRE offers a position on how leverage the unique opportunities ADS present and address the hard challenges they pose through a targeted focus on safe technology adoption.