Three young women shopping in a grocery store aisle, overlaid with connected dots indicating supply chains

U.S. Food Supply Chain Security: A Network Analysis

By Bradford Brown , Paul Garvey, Ph.D. , Megan Smith , Eric Harley , Monica Mendoza , Jeff Harrold

The U.S. food supply chain is massive and complex. The U.S. will have meat shortages if the throughput of a key hub is diminished or eliminated. In this paper, MITRE makes recommendations to government for improving the food supply chain resilience.

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Food security, food safety, and the ability to deliver across the U.S. food supply chain is a national security priority that impacts every facet of American life. A prolonged disruption in the food supply chain will anger citizens, frustrate businesses, and erode trust in the U.S. government.

MITRE has been conducting a network analysis of the structure of the U.S. food supply chain. We view this as an opportunity to inform policymakers and industry as they seek to assess and reinforce the U.S. food supply chain in the wake of the global pandemic.