COVID-19 rendering with blue and red virus on black background

White Paper—Stopping COVID-19: Short-Term Actions for Long-Term Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic presents an imminent and severe threat to the lives of our citizens, the American healthcare system, and the economy. This paper recommends measures that U.S. leaders can and should take right now to limit the course of COVID-19.

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Coronavirus infections in the United States are doubling faster than other nations, according to a white paper authored by a group including MITRE’s infectious disease analytics team. As such, stronger actions are required by state and federal governments to ultimately stop the spread of COVID-19.

In the white paper, Stopping COVID-19: Short-Term Actions for Long-Term Impact, the team of MITRE and external experts draws on available data and its clinical and epidemiological expertise to offer recommended Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions to disrupt the virus’ trajectory. Taken together, these actions can help save lives, the American healthcare system, and the U.S. economy.

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