Aerospace and Transportation

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When COVID-19 threatened the safety of passengers and crews worldwide, our commitment to enable a safe, secure, and efficient global aerospace ecosystem became more important than ever.

As a pioneer in the aerospace realm, even this unprecedented time can't deter us from advancing plans for the future airspace system. For example, we're helping ensure the cybersecurity of aviation-related networks, co-developing safety standards for unmanned vehicles, and streamlining the burdensome process of approving flight paths.

And we've been exploring how to build situational awareness with real-time monitoring about the effects of the coronavirus on aviation operations to help inform crucial decision-making. Our work continues as air traffic levels rise again.

As the FAA’s mission partner, we are helping create a fully connected and highly resilient system established through public-private partnerships, as shared by Gregg Leone, MITRE’s vice president and director of the Center for Advanced Aviation System Development.

Aerospace and transportation are the engine of our global economy, and we continue to work to keep passengers and goods safe—from surface to space


(Video) MITRE engineers developed the Pacer web application to improve the way general aviation operators file for and obtain departure clearances.


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