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March 2019

From national security and personal privacy to medical devices and critical infrastructure, the world lives online to an extent that the internet's pioneers probably never imagined.

As one of those pioneers, MITRE has long been a trusted adviser to government agencies—providing guidance on preventing and thwarting cyber intrusions. And we were among the first to promote the idea that partnering to share cyber threat information is one of the most effective ways to defend against increasingly stealthy attackers.

We invite you to learn more about some of our most recent advances in cybersecurity, from a community-driven framework that makes it easier to analyze how adversaries behave inside networks to ideas to improve cybersecurity for U.S. elections.


(Video) MITRE experts shared their approaches and contributions to cybersecurity during the 2019 RSA Conference.



ATT&CK infographic

The MITRE ATT&CK™ knowledge base describes the behavior of real cyber adversaries across their intrusion lifecycle to help organizations improve their cyber defenses. ATT&CK provides a framework for the development of threat models and methodologies in the private sector, in government, and in the cybersecurity vendor community.


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