Data Analytics

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August 2019

The world today is awash in data, collected from countless sources and in numerous ways. Some have even called it the 21st century's most valuable commodity.

Our data scientists are pioneers in uncovering solutions for a safer world, spanning a wide range of domain areas, including:

  • A new methodology recently adopted by the federal government that's designed to reduce healthcare disparities in at-risk communities.
  • MITRE's ASIAS model—a trusted sharing environment that's already made our skies safer and is now influencing areas as diverse as tax fraud and child welfare.
  • A veteran who sees her work helping government make better use of its data as a continuation of her public-service mission.

We invite you to learn about the MITRE approach to data analytics.


(Video) Learn how the MITRE Maternal Mortality Interactive Dashboard (3MID) aims to serve as a tool for policymakers to prioritize resource allocation and thus optimize the impact of scarce resources on maternal mortality and health disparities. Read more in the article below.



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