Election Integrity

Woman pointing with I voted sticker on her finger

It's more vital than ever that every component—from voter registration rolls to the final count—remain secure. we're addressing complex technical and process challenges from several angles, including:

  • Our SQUINT™ app lets election officials report disinformation from social media about the voting/registration process with a swipe, tap, or click.
  • MITRE's new National Election Security Lab provides trusted, independent analysis for the systems used in federal, state, and local elections.
  • Cyber experts like Carter Casey, who helped author MITRE's new report on securing voter registration systems.

MITRE's election integrity efforts center around one goal: To give state, local, and federal officials a means to maintain public trust and confidence in our election systems. 

(Video) MITRE SQUINT (Social See Something, Say Something) provides a fast, reliable way for election officials to report, correct, and analyze distortion and misinformation that could keep people from exercising their right to vote.


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