Energy and Environment

Power lines at night with the aurora borealis

June 2019

Have you ever considered:

  • When you gas up your car or flip on the lights, it takes secure critical infrastructure to keep energy systems running?
  • When arctic ice melts, it's not only an environmental issue, but also impacts national security?

MITRE thinks about issues like these all the time. For example, we're applying our expertise in cybersecurity to protect critical infrastructure, such as power grids. We identify security needs in the energy sector to build resiliency—then share what we know through public-private partnerships.  

And when changing environmental conditions cause gaps in the polar ice, shipping lanes open earlier and close later. That puts the possibility of unwanted, even hostile, vessels getting closer to U.S. shores than in the past. That's why MITRE works with numerous federal, regional, and tribal partners to enhance vital communications capabilities throughout the Arctic.

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(Video) MITRE cyber experts Emily Frye and Otis Alexander discuss threats to the industrial control systems that underpin our energy infrastructure.


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