Experimentation and Research


As the operator of multiple R&D centers, "research" is central to MITRE's core mission. In our labs or out in the field, we seek answers to questions that affect our nation every day. For example:

  • Reliable autonomy is hardly a done deal. See how a MITRE lab tests ways to make "driverless" synonymous with "safe."
  • What if a lunar eclipse in Chile could open up new pathways to understanding satellite orbits worldwide?
  • Meet a MITRE engineer who envisions the return of supersonic air travel.
  • Do you ever wonder why you make certain decisions? The experts in our Nudge Lab are cracking the code.

At MITRE, we like to say, "innovation is our work." Through these stories and more, we invite you to learn a bit about our experimentation and research—where we take good ideas and do the hard work to help them become great solutions.


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