Great Power Competition

Container ship on choppy seas

The Cold War as the world knew it is long over. Taking its place is the great power competition, or GPC. At its heart, GPC involves an ongoing push-pull among the United States, China, and Russia for global strength and influence.

But the great power competition is far more than a military or economic problem. Russia and China also seek to discredit freedom and democratic norms, using the monolithic clout of their authoritarian governments. 

As a result, GPC plays out through cyber espionage, defense planning, 5G spectrum, international aid, intellectual property theft, supply chains, coalition-building, election interference, and more. The conversations about this competition are taking place in corporate boardrooms, military exercises, government agencies, and academic institutions. 

Through our trusted relationships, MITRE is on the front lines. We invite you to learn a few of the ways we're helping our nation win the great power competition.



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