Doctors working in operating room.

February 2019

What if:

  • Oncologists and medical researchers could develop better treatment plans for cancer patients using shared data?
  • Pulling together large quantities of location-based information could raise a red flag about the risk of domestic violence?  
  • "Synthetic patients" opened the door to real advances in health information technology?

At MITRE, we're turning the "what ifs" into the "here's how." We invite you to learn more below and at

(Video) Andre Quina, Principal Investigator, Electronic Health Records, explains mCODE.


The problem is that healthcare records for 15 million people living with cancer are stored in more than 1,500 incompatible systems. MITRE's mCODE creates a standard to enable better organization and sharing of information that results in improved care.

The mCODE standard promises to greatly increase the availability of high-quality data to research treatments for all cancer types. Read the latest news about mCODE from HIMSS19.


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