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MITRE's mission of solving problems for a safer world has rarely been as relevant as it is today. As soon as word of COVID-19 began to spread this past winter, we swung into action.

How? By forming diverse teams to help the government gather, aggregate, and analyze data from around the world. By identifying best practices to share. By adapting our models to real-world results to understand the consequences of specific choices and actions.

Beyond this immediate crisis, we continually put our expertise and dedication to work for complex health challenges. For example: We're making strides in developing a method to detect the tell-tale signs of genetic editing. We're partnering with the government tackle the growing problem of childhood obesity. We're creating the information standards that promise to make sharing patient information seamless, while maintaining data privacy.

We invite you to meet the people and the projects making it happen.


Special Healthcare Research Showcase

One of the many cancellations caused by the coronavirus was the HIMSS20 Global Health Conference, the world's largest gathering of health information technology professionals. Even before then, MITRE withdrew our delegation to protect the health of our employees.

Much of the research we planned to share at HIMSS involved years of work and yielded valuable health-related findings. To make this research available to the wider healthcare community and the public, we captured the presentations, along with short Q&As with some of our experts. We invite you to watch the video below and browse through our collection of presentations.

(Video) Amid public health emergencies and pandemics, like COVID-19, it’s important for public health agencies to be able to respond swiftly. Dr. Paul Jarris, chief medical advisor for MITRE’s health transformation center, discusses Sara Alert™—an open source tool to monitor individuals at risk for COVID-19. Created in collaboration with national public health organizations, Sara Alert is designed to contain the spread of disease through effective monitoring and rapid response.


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