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Real innovation gets beyond brainstorming into trying and doing. Even research that falls short contributes to greater understanding of the problem at hand. By combining creativity with evolving knowledge, you get better results.

What makes MITRE different is why we pursue innovation—to help make the world safer. That's our mission and our passion. Our public-interest stance enables us to make strategic investments in untested solutions, research new concepts and expand on existing ones, and take risks where others cannot.

How? With an independent R&D program that funds 200+ projects annually and has impact far beyond its size. With our MITRE Labs organization, which shares its findings across the company through 15 innovation centers targeted to specific national challenges. And through our federally funded research and development centers, where our teams tackle specific pain points and unmet needs of government agencies.

We invite you to learn more about MITRE’s recent innovations that offer creative solutions for an increasingly complex world.

(Video) The pandemic has accelerated adoption of new technologies such as digital vaccine credentials and telehealth. During The Atlantic Future Economy Summit, MITRE Chief Technology and Medical Officer Dr. Jay Schnitzer and President of Mayo Clinic Platform Dr. John Halamka discussed with Atlantic CEO Nicholas Thompson how these advances can get our economy back to full speed.



250 Patents and Counting. 1958 to Today: Our scientists and technology experts innovate to improve the safety, security, and stability of our nation. 1964: Versatile Image Sensor. 1989: Display Aid for Air Traffic Controllers. 2016: Strongarm: Detection, halting, and remediation of phishing and malware attacks. 2017: Devices and Systems for Distributed Power-Grid Monitoring. 2018: FUSE™: Frequency-scaled Ultra-wide Spectrum Element. 2018: Conformal Electro-Textile Antenna and Electro Band Gap Ground Plane. 2019: Photonic Quantum Memory. 2021: Digital Copilot.

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The 2020 MITRE Annual Report features stories and highlights of MITRE’s impact in support of our vision and mission.