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January 2019

Innovation requires a mindset and process to get beyond brainstorming into trying and doing. Even research that falls short contributes to a greater understanding of the problem at hand. That's the point of innovation, isn't it? By combining creativity with evolving knowledge, you get better results.

Many companies innovate, and many do it well. But those companies aren't MITRE. What makes MITRE different is why we pursue innovation. It's not to increase our market share—it's to help make the world safer. That's our mission and our passion. Our public-interest stance enables us to make strategic investments in untested solutions, research new concepts and expand on existing ones, and take risks where others cannot.

This means we're all-in on things like developing a standardized health record, so different systems can "talk" to each other. Our cyber researchers created a widely adopted knowledge base for identifying, detecting, and thwarting attackers inside vulnerable networks. We've challenged the world's inventors to join us in finding creative ways to counter unauthorized unmanned aircraft systems. And we never stop asking questions, such as: How will blockchain affect government agencies? What happens when urban air taxis fill the skies? Can natural language processing detect signs of PTSD hidden within the speech patterns of veterans?

Learn more about our latest toolkit and research—and then keep checking back for more. In today's complex world, there will always be a need for more evolution, more creativity, more innovation.

Technology Transfer in the Public Interest

Once the results show promise for success, that's just the beginning. MITRE shares what we've learned with the world through technology transfer, to turn ideas into operational realities. We partner with other leading organizations to move the needle on complex systems challenges. We serve as a trusted adviser, convener, and collaboration hub to make it easier for industry, academia, and other research institutions to bring their ideas forward to government agencies that need them.

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