Patents and Technology Transfer

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February 2019

It's a core element of how MITRE works: We neither manufacture nor sell what we create. But innovation without diffusion would have little value.

In some cases, we work with our government sponsors to help them adopt our research results directly. However, we also make much of our intellectual property available to other organizations. To achieve this end, we conduct a technology transfer process that includes:

  • Patents to demonstrate the practical applications of our technical advances.
  • Technology Licenses to enable companies to use our research prototypes to enhance their products.
  • Open Source Software to invite others to expand on our original ideas.
  • Community Building to show how collaboration can defeat even the toughest challenges.

By making our discoveries attainable through technology transfer, we help organizations develop operational products to make the world safer.


(Video) Barry Costa, director, Technology Transfer Office, discusses what types of innovations are available with technology transfer.


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