Promoting Equity

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MITRE has a history of finding solutions to support disadvantaged populations. Today, there’s both dialogue and environment for action worldwide around racial, economic, and social injustice.

One company can’t solve problems that have evolved over hundreds of years, of course. But we can use our unique expertise in data-driven systems thinking to discover solutions that broaden opportunity and reduce inequity.

That’s why we’ve created the MITRE Social Justice Platform, a web-based technology that provides a means to tap into—and add to—existing knowledge to create reusable solutions for current and future challenges. Through the platform, we’re delving into areas where we can make a difference. For example:

  • How can our nation lessen the gaps in mental health services available in Black communities?
  • What can be done to stem the known biases in artificial intelligence that skew facial recognition results?
  • How can we make our cities more resilient to sudden shocks—economic, health, environmental, technological?

We’re also assisting disadvantaged populations, many of which are denied equal access to vital services. Take our Sara Alert™ tool: It’s a free service that provides COVID-19 remote symptom monitoring and contact tracing—even in areas without broadband. Plus, MITRE’s researchers are helping government agencies meet their mandate to design and develop websites usable by constituents of all abilities.

This is just the beginning of what we can do pioneering together with our partners to provide bold solutions.



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