Promoting Equity

Father holding daughter.

MITRE’s people have always worked to deliver on our mission: solving problems for a safer world. Our objective, unbiased insights inform tough challenges by digging into the data to reveal ground truth and uncover new ideas.

Take MITRE’s new Good Trouble lab. Its creation was inspired by the late Congressman John Lewis, who famously urged people to “get in good trouble” on behalf of social justice. This virtual lab allows us to explore social innovation, a concept that recognizes and addresses systemic problems we’re partnering with industry, government, and academia to solve.

And we’ve created the MITRE Social Justice Platform, a web-based technology that provides a means to tap into—and add to—existing knowledge to create reusable solutions for current and future challenges.

Achieving equity doesn’t just happen overnight or through tech applications—it must be nurtured and grown. That’s why we’ve worked—in some cases for decades—to open opportunities to underrepresented groups, often through powerful partnerships with the National GEM Consortium, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and high schools in underserved communities.

We’re also working with the government on projects such as ensuring accountability in getting CARES Act financial relief where it’s meant to go—including to those disproportionally affected by the coronavirus.

The following stories represent just the beginning of what we can do pioneering together with our partners and government to deliver bold solutions.


(Video) MITRE has worked with the BEYA community for 30 years to support, recognize, and showcase the contributions of people of color in STEM. Innovation lies at the intersection of inclusion and diversity, and we continue our commitment to social innovation and equity.


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