Threat-Informed Defense

Young employees looking at a computer screen

October 2019

Organizations with sophisticated cybersecurity—including ours—have long worked to beat adversaries at their own game using threat-informed defense.

In MITRE's established role as a hub for collaboration and innovation, we've captured, codified, organized, and curated the key components of the approach. We focus on practical and systematic ways to understand cyber adversaries: What are they're doing? How are they operating? Can we detect them? And can we outsmart them?

The best part: It's not just about us. Through the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework and related initiatives, we're bringing communities together worldwide for more effective cybersecurity.



(Video) Laurie Giandomenico, Vice President and Chief Acceleration Officer, and Richard Struse, Chief Strategist Cyber Threat Intelligence, discuss MITRE's work on threat-informed defense.


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