Threat-Informed Defense

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Organizations with sophisticated cybersecurity—including ours—have long worked to challenge adversaries at their own game using threat-informed defense.

In MITRE's established role as a hub for collaboration and innovation, we've captured, codified, organized, and curated the key components of this threat-informed approach. We focus on practical and systematic ways to understand cyber adversaries: What are they doing? How are they operating? Can we detect them? And can we outsmart them?

The best part: It's not just about us. Through the MITRE ATT&CK® framework and related initiatives, we're bringing communities together worldwide for more effective cybersecurity to help protect critical industries, infrastructure, and global security operations.



(Video) In a TEDx presentation, Stanley Barr, Ph.D., MITRE’s capability area lead for Cyber Deception & Adversary Engagement, highlights his journey in cyber deception and adversary engagement.



(Video) ATT&CK for ICS helps ensure critical infrastructure operators understand and can defend against cyber adversaries who target industrial control systems.


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