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May 2019

Safety is our mission and creating a unified National Airspace System for the Federal Aviation Administration's research and development center is one of our many contributions to the public interest. Our nation’s skies remain the safest in the world.

We assemble key players from across government, industry, and academia to solve problems of truly global consequence—and gain consensus to make those solutions a reality.

And we've extended our reach far beyond our nation's skies. We're a trusted resource for other countries' civil aviation authorities, as they seek to make their airspace efficient, safe, and secure.

Using our broad knowledge of cybersecurity, systems engineering, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, we influence other realms of transportation—like unmanned systems and vehicle autonomy.

We invite you to learn more about MITRE's role in transforming transportation.



(Video) Gregg Leone, VP of MITRE's Center for Advanced Aviation System Development discusses MITRE's impact on aviation and the future of transportation.


Deploying Technology and Data Analytics to Improve Aviation Safety 1987-2016

Since 1990, MITRE has operated the FAA's research and development center. (Click image to enlarge)


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