MITRE's Digital Copilot Named R&D 100 Award Finalist

August 9, 2017

Commercial aviation research has long recognized the safety benefits of having two pilots in the cockpit. That's why MITRE engineers researched and developed a way to improve the safety of single-pilot flights and provide a virtual co-pilot for anyone flying solo. It's called the Digital Copilot, which R&D magazine named a 2017 R&D Award Finalist. The global honor recognizes the 100 most innovative technologies and scientific discoveries of the past year. The award will be presented in November during the R&D 100 Conference in Orlando, FL.

This application was developed by a MITRE team, namely, Kevin J. Burns, Steven L. Estes, John R. Helleberg, Kevin M. Long, Joseph G. Menzenski, Matthew E. Pollack (team lead), Marco A. Quezada, and Jeffrey L. Stein. To date, the Digital Copilot is the only product in the general aviation market that acts as a cognitive assistant to the solo pilot and offers a means to reduce pilot workload during flight. MITRE is making this technology available to industry for commercial development through its technology transfer program.

Also at this year's R&D 100 Conference, Vicki A. Barbur, Ph.D., who supports MITRE’s Technology Transfer Office, will be the facilitator and a presenter for a R&D Technology Transfer Forum on Nov. 17 titled, ''Unlocking the Potential for Technology Transfer from Federally Funded R&D.'' In 2016 Barbur presented an R&D Conference session titled ''Defining Visions for a Career in Science and Technology.''

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