Systems and Methods for Analyzing Distributed System Data Streams Using Declarative Specification, Detection, and Evaluation of Happened-Before Relationships


Patent No.: US 11,762,858 B2

Date of Patent: Sep 19, 2023

Predefined patterns are detected in streaming data being transmitted in a distributed computing system that contains a plurality of computing devices wherein the plurality of computing devices are collectively configured to execute a distributed software program. In one or more examples, a detection engine can be implemented on a computing device and can be configured to receive streaming data being transmitted between computing devices of the system. The detection engine can be further configured to analyze the streaming data to determine if the data matches one or more patterns specified by a watch point that can be converted into a happened-before language expression. In one or more examples, the streaming data can be converted into an intermediate log file that is compared against patterns expressed by a regular expression, and if a match is found, an alert can be generated.