ART3MIS and FiReLine


MITRE’s pioneering technologies ART3MIS and FiReLine, combine machine learning, deep-learning algorithms, and remote-sensing data to enhance decision-making and resource management in wildfire mitigation efforts.

ART3MIS and FiReLine are innovative technologies developed by MITRE to enhance decision-making and resource management in wildfire suppression efforts.

ART3MIS, or Augmented Real-Time 3D Mapping with Intelligent Sensing AI, fuses deep-learning algorithms with remote-sensing data from satellites and drones. It offers a rapid, customized forestry mapping solution. This state-of-the-art data source can also be used in conjunction with FiReLine for increased operational support.

FiReLine (RL stands for “reinforcement learning”) blends projection modeling and machine learning to provide a scalable open-source decision-support tool. It has a unique feature that integrates historical data from past fire-suppression efforts and superimposes them onto live fire scenarios. This helps train officials to fight fires in ways not typically practiced under current operational conditions.

Together, ART3MIS and FiReLine offer significant benefits, including improved and faster decision-making before and during fires, superior resource management, reduction in acreage burned, and support for national, state, and local firefighting services in protecting property and lives.

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